ScholarSphere is Penn State’s institutional repository service; respobsible for storing research and scholarly work produced by the university community. Through ScholarSphere, Penn State researchers, faculty, students, and staff are able to share their work on a worldwide scale and be assured of its long-term preservation.

As of April 2015, the University Faculty Senate at Penn State passed an open access resolution that encouraged faculty to share the results of their research publicly via ScholarSphere (either in the form of raw data, article drafts, or even finished publications). ScholarSphere aims to raise the visibility and discoverability of Penn State-associated research via major search engines, provide persistent and secure access to this research, and ultimately provide a safe and secure solution to long term storage. From the preservation of a rare insect collection, to the use of giant spectrometers to speed drug development, ScholarSphere provides not only storage as a service, but also functions as a reputable publication outlet; allowing both faculty and students to publish academically and digitally.

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